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Product Description:


Hardys Shiraz is a bold and intense red wine that offers a rich and full-bodied experience in every sip. With its deep ruby color, the wine features complex aromas of blackberry, plum, and spice, while its bold flavors of dark fruit, vanilla, and oak are perfectly balanced with smooth tannins. Ideal for special occasions and meals, this Shiraz is a perfect complement to beef, lamb, and hearty stews.


Product Information:

  • Bottle Size: 0.75l
  • Alcohol Content: 14%
  • Type: Red Wine
  • Grape Variety: Shiraz
  • Origin: Australia
  • Brand: Hardys
  • Food Pairing Suggestions: Beef, Lamb, Hearty Stews
  • Recommended Glassware: Red Wine Glass
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dark place. Serve at room temperature.


Rotwein Hardys Shiraz 0.75l

€ 9,99Preis
exkl. USt
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