About Us

The brand FINO was created in the late 1990s by KR Georg Pfeiffer well-known landlord and wine-sommelier who spent his whole life in various positions in the gastronomic field both in Austria and abroad. FINO was round the milenium and the following decade des name of the italian-inspired restaurant and bar FINO - Fine Wine & Dine' in the 'Tuchlauben-Passage' in the center of Vienna - known for a good Italian kitchen and a good selection of wines. When the passage was renovated to become part of the 'Golden Quarter' Pfeiffer closed the restaurant and moved around the corner to the Wildpretmarkt to reestablish an new FINO, with the same desgin, but smaller and without warm kitchen. Soon after the move Pfeiffer retired and sold the bar.

Mid 2013 Christian & Ursula J├Âllinger took over the FINO to keep it in the spirit of Pfeiffer, an elegant wine-bar with selected wines. FINO - Fine Wine & Dine became FINO - the cosy bar. C&U J├Âllinger started to offer Frizzante (Strada del Prosecco) not only out of the bottle, but also out of the barrel, what was an immediate success. So the next step was importing the wine-barrels and other specialities from the Veneto what started 2014.

In 2015 new FINOs were created: FINO im Achten is a FINO in the 8th district of Vienna, FINO am Markt is the bar in the market-hall in Inzersdorf, and FINO-Mariahilf is the hotelbar of the DeValmont*** (former tourotel Mariahilf)


stands now for bars with an outstandig hospitality, for Frizzante out of the barrel, for a selection of good Austrian wines and specialities from the Veneto, the heart of every FINO-plate